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Peeled cedar nuts, wild collection

Peeled cedar nuts, wild collection

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The jewel of the taiga

Wild-grown cedar nuts or cedar kernels are a natural product that is thousands of years old and has not been modified by humans through breeding, fertilization, hybridization or any other type of intervention in the plant or the landscape. Hardly any fruit today is as pure and original as the cedar nut.

The Siberian cedar grows extremely slowly in the vastness of the sparsely populated taiga: with its wealth of vital substances, its cores serve as a real gift from nature to the rural population there to survive in the icy cold.

Raw cedar nuts from the taiga are characterized by:

  • a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids,
  • valuable, readily available proteins, including seven of the eight essential amino acids,
  • many vitamins, especially groups B and E,
  • lecithin,
  • a variety of trace elements such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, ...
  • an incomparable taste and
  • as a donor of soothing, pure energy.

Cedar nuts vs. pine nuts

Because the Siberian cedar (actually "Siberian pine") belongs to the pine genus like the southern European pine, its seeds are sometimes incorrectly referred to as Russian or Siberian "pine nuts". In fact, cedar nuts are smaller, more aromatic and richer in nutrients than pine nuts. Due to their higher vitamin E content (vitamin E protects against oxidation), they go rancid less quickly and therefore have a longer shelf life. Last but not least, cedar nuts are much more difficult to obtain from the taiga, because a Siberian cedar only produces its first cones after 50 (!) years and small farmers often walk long distances to the supporting trees!
Unlike most of the cheaper commercially available pine nuts, our cedar nuts are never heated above 45 °C (raw food quality), which means that a number of heat-sensitive vital substances are protected.


Cedar nuts have many uses. Of course, the main priority is pure snacking pleasure, but our raw cedar nuts are also ideal for salads, in pesto or as nut milk or nut cream, and also as an aromatic ingredient in muesli or fresh grain porridge. If you want and are prepared to forego the benefits of raw food quality, you can create an even more intense taste experience for rice and vegetable dishes or fine soups by lightly roasting a few seeds.
Cedar nuts should not be missing from the diet of children and young people because they support physical and mental development.

Ingredients: 100% Siberian cedar nuts from controlled organic wild collection
Origin: Altai Mountains in Siberia
Quality : certified organic, best raw food quality (not heated above 45 °C). Gluten free, soy and peanut free, vegan.

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