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Fly agaric powder (Amanita muscaria)

Fly agaric powder (Amanita muscaria)

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Unique natural product

The fly agaric requires a mysterious symbiosis with plants and trees that no one on earth has been able to decipher so far. That's why it can only be found in the wild, while most other types of mushrooms can now be cultivated. Our mushrooms grow in Switzerland, each batch is personally tested by us.


Coffee substitute without side effects

A small dose (0.5g - 1g) of fly agaric powder (dried) smoked on an empty stomach can give you a boost for 6-7 hours and increase your focus, well-being and self-esteem - without the crash you expect Know caffeine and without the risk of developing an addiction.

An antidote to substance-related addictions.

Micrososing can help up to 70%-85% in resolving substance-related addictions.



Hierarchies explode with the power mushroom

The power mushroom can give you courage in everyday life. Say goodbye to listlessness and make room for dominance and assertiveness!

100% legal

The fly agaric is legal in Switzerland and Germany because the active ingredients muscimol and ibotenic acid it contain are not listed in the Narcotics Act (BtmG). The fly agaric is not yet approved as a food or medicine, which is why we offer our dried fly agaric powder as incense.

Laboratory tested for your safety

Our fly agarics are tested by an independent laboratory and examined for their active ingredient content.

  • Our products are not suitable for human consumption. Our entire range in this online shop is offered exclusively as raw material for further processing. These are not medicines. Taking it during pregnancy and breastfeeding is strictly prohibited. Please keep the products out of the reach of children
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