About Us

We all have a passion for something.

This is mine!

I started it 30 years ago and over the course of the year
Over the years it has gotten better and better. In 2021, we took the leap into 100% self-employment.

With strong partners at your side and new ones every day
Motivation to enrich the world with health and joy is something I learn from everyone
Something new every day.

I love this hard, honest work. For a great one
Product. An ancient power.

The power of nature!

Enjoy, as we do, our rich ones
CBD products, organically grown, as well as numerous, high-quality ones
Products that will enrich your everyday life.

Own CBD production


Rediscover well-being:

With CBD!

Natural, pure, and powerful.

For daily harmony and balance.

Experience the power of nature with CBD products that invigorate the body and mind.

CBD products

Product variety


From HHC, HHC P products, to vital mushrooms and Kanna extracts - exotic product journeys await you.

We focus on safety, quality and transparency. To give you one
To give you an even more relaxed feeling when purchasing our products, we will of course send you HHC + products upon request
the current analysis. So with the certificate you are one
Recognized German laboratories, always up to date.

Product variety

Agrow Suisse GmbH

3 x Worldwide

The whole world of Agrow Suisse GmbH

Online - from the comfort of your home!

Other countries, other possibilities!

Wherever you are at home, enjoy the diversity of our three websites:




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